It's All About the Data

It's All About the Data
It's All About the Data

Monday, February 3, 2014

Path to Success

As a manager of a team:
  • We struggle with how to get things done.
  • We want the team to work together.
  • We want the team to be successful.

So how to we get the team to be successful?


A phrase I often use with team members is the concept of "path to success".  This phrase can be confusing to team members, as it seems a bit 'conceptual'.  Success for the team and the individual team member is dependent on a defined game plan, and excellent execution of the game plan. 

So what is the role of the team lead?
  • Create the game plan.
  • and….create the methodology for each team member to  execute the game plan - in other words create a pathway to that execution (a Path to Success).


  1. Commitment by both the leader and the team to being the best they can be (whatever level of experience they may have).
  2. Clear Objectives/Defined Goals requires the team lead to clearly state both the project/team objectives and the methodology to achieve those objectives - leave nothing to "they should know this".
  3. Individuality - each team member will need to be interacted with as an individual, focusing on them in a holistic manner, but celebrating their uniqueness.
  4. Right Approach is all about the leader telling, instructing and SHOWING the approach that is needed.  The boss must show up on time, work hard, have the right ethics, and reward those who perform the WORK.
  5. Praise - enjoy each step of the journey - celebrate their success, support them, help them to improve.  The leader must encourage the team, and activity participate in the cheerleading of the entire team.

Leaders are motivators, participants, and encouragers of the process of achieving the game plan.

David Haynes, PMP, is Director of Consulting at Ideate, Inc. (  David's experience is in providing companies with business process analysis and change implementation.  @dhaynestech.

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