It's All About the Data

It's All About the Data
It's All About the Data

Monday, September 30, 2013

Intuition - The Inner Voice

That inner voice is intuition. 

I am not a superstitious person, and intuition is not voodoo magic or other mystical notions.

Intuition is the accumulation of past decisions and past learning, that is integrated into our 'brain' experience.  So the question is how to harness/access that experience?

  1. Start doing good post-mortem on your past decisions (good and bad decisions).   See my blog -
  2. Listen to your inner voice.  What is it trying to say that is not emotionally based?
  3. If all you are hearing is emotion - give it some time.
  4. Focus on long-term answers, not short term "I will show them" vengeance.
  5. As with all good decision making, understand what the next step should be, as well as where you want the conclusion to end up.

All this may seem like common sense, then why do we struggle with execution of the best practices above?  Because we get caught up in the moment.  We forget the key statement…..

What do we do after we make that emotional decision. 

In a previous job, I was asked to dismiss, without notice, a General Contractor working on a project.  My question was "okay, what do we do with the project after I fire this guy?"  The VP of Real Estate didn't have an answer, just felt that "something has to be done".

The lack of critical thinking, and understanding the long-term consequences of the 'emotional' decision, is a cancer upon leadership ability. 

David Haynes, PMP, is Director of Consulting at Ideate, Inc. (  David's experience is in providing companies with business process analysis and change implementation.  @dhaynestech.

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